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ACUITY (Consultants) - Background

Established in 1998, the Consultancy was set up to provide specialist focus on the Supply Chain. In 2002 we extended our services by offering interim management. Interim management provides many clients a more effective delivery than traditional consultancy, ensuring that the solutions are workable and the client has appropriate expertise during implementation.

Though other consultants and interim managers claim to specialise in this field, many concentrate either on purchasing, or on distribution. We saw the opportunity to provide a holistic approach, to support the integrated management of the end-to-end Supply Chain.

We take particular interest in the relationship between the Supply Chain and the Value Chain, helping our clients to position the business functions to maximum effect. This may lead to re-defining core activities, and the re-engineering of processes across the interfaces with customers and suppliers.

ACUITY is based in Bath in the West of England, working in association with independant executives and consultants around the UK. Our work has taken us across Europe, mainly for large multinational companies, but we are equally prepared to work with small businesses that can benefit from our services. Click here for examples of recent assignments.

Our business is not about selling consultancy days, but about providing our clients with optimum support to add value to their business - providing the capability to deliver results without the use of excessive consultancy. Take advantage of our flexible fee structure: we will work for a fixed sum, at daily rates, or at discounted rates in exchange for a share of identifiable savings.

Manufacturing or Service Industry? Private or Public Sector? Check out our web site. Read Our Philosophy to see if we fit culturally. We have the enthusiasm and experience, and, if we agree to do work for you, you will have our wholehearted commitment.

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