Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

...reinventing the way that companies do their work

BPR key words*


BPR questions why do we do what we do...
      it begins with no assumptions, no givens.


BPR is about getting to the root of things...
      reinvention, not enhancement.


BPR is not about marginal improvement.


BPR is not about refining or reallocating tasks...
      it is about building entire processes, each creating an output that is of value to the customer.

...ambitious, rule-breaking, process oriented, making creative use of information technology

* Reengineering the Corporation, M Hammer & J Champy, 1993

What we do...

 We work with impartiality, to challenge present thinking and provide new perspectives
       from project definition to implementation,
       including planning and managing the change programme,
       enhancing service and financial performance,
       helping to build relationships with suppliers and customers,
       optimising the whole supply chain.

breakthroughs to achieve tangible performance improvement

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