Our outsourcing services include both consultancy and interim management to assist companies in contracting out operations currently performed in house. We also provide consultancy to help companies reach the appropriate conclusion in their "make or buy" decisions leading up to the outsourcing process.

We can offer advice and methodology or, as interim managers, we can manage outsourcing projects, including:

     Identification and specification of requirements
     Supply market analysis and development
     Risk management
     Contract strategy
     Supplier evaluation and selection
     Supplier improvement
     Managing the contracting process - from invitation to tender through to execution of agreement
     Supplier performance management and audit

Additional information on relevant tools and techniques can be found under Purchasing.

ACUITY's services are structured to take into account relevant strategic, technical and commercial issues. We are experienced in dealing with the implications of Tranfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employment (TUPE) legislation, and in minimising the impact of any ongoing liability after employees have transferred to the new contractor.

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