Our Philosophy

     Do other consultants "borrow your watch to tell you the time" ?

     Do they collect information and process it through a "black box",
     giving you answers, supported by cogent arguments, but no clear understanding of how they were derived?

     Are you concerned that their recommendations lead to more consultancy?

     Have you experienced discontinuity between consultancy and the real task of implementation?

Our business is not about selling consultancy days, but about providing our clients with optimum support to add value to their business - providing the capability to deliver results without the use of excessive consultancy.

We believe the client benefits from understanding and being involved in the entire process.
ACUITY prefers to facilitate
     your development of a strategy,
     your analysis of requirements and design of processes,
     your implementation of your preferred solution.

We will give you the necessary tools and techniques, and coaching in their use. We will sit along side you to share the burden and ease the pain of making it happen. Only in this way can we be sure of providing you with a natural progression from feasibility study, through planning and implementation, to delivery and audit of results.

We believe in a holistic approach to the Supply Chain with four primary aims:

          REDUCE COST
          REDUCE RISK
          ADD VALUE

We will help you to determine the optimum balance between these (often conflicting) aims. Get it right, and your business will be value-based, not cost constrained.

Our approach often spans traditional functional boundaries. When it comes to implementation, many businesses do not have the people to manage cross-functional issues. We will support you with the necessary skills, where appropriate running multi-discipline teams. We recognise that people are a precious resource, to be used wisely, not to be wasted.

We believe in prioritizing activities according to business needs. We can help you:
     - separate day-to-day and strategic processes;
     - avoid deflection by conflicting parochial or functional preferences;
     - manage constraints;
so that long-term objectives are delivered on time and in full.

Where there is change, there is resistance to change. Increased force usually meets increased resistance. Eliminate the barriers to change, and progress becomes automatic.

We believe in gaining commitment from the top down, building processes from the bottom up - achieving success by gaining the support of Directors, management teams and employees at all levels. Consultation and involvement of key stakeholders is essential to encourage ownership and create lasting solutions.

Where co-ordination and centralisation are appropriate, imposition is less effective than providing an excellent service that people will use by first choice.

We believe in making best use of all available resources including third parties, which are often underdeveloped and underutilised.

Let us assist you with

strategic restructuring for long-term business advantage

quick hits to improve margins and reduce working capital

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