Supply Chain Operations and Processes

The Importance of Good Supply Chain Design

Designed and operated correctly, the supply chain will help you develop better relationships with customers, boost your competitive standing and achieve broader business objectives... three powerful reasons to make sure you get things right first time, every time.

Supply Chain Design and Operation

We can perform, or help you to undertake, operational reviews of your supply chain. We will analyse your processes and design effective systems and procedures for managing all aspects of the supply chain:

       Demand management
       Service criteria
       Manufacturing policies
       Materials planning
       Inbound logistics
       Warehousing and stock control
       Outbound logistics
       Customer service

We will identify the important value and cost drivers, determine the performance measures and process controls needed to improve and maintain an efficient supply chain.

We can define your operational requirements for information systems, whether it's the processing and recording of transactions, or the sharing of knowledge and business-critical information. We can write functional specifications for application software, configure and help you to implement bespoke and package solutions.

Bespoke software solutions are impractical for many companies; the burden of maintenance and development is just too much. Many business units are required to adopt corporate solutions, which have been selected, sometimes, with scant regard for local requirements. As a consequence, companies often feel that their business is compromised by having to adapt to package solutions. And software suppliers are often unsympathetic to genuine concerns about the difficulties of using their products.

ACUITY specialises in creative use of package solutions to meet real business needs - whether it's re-implementing an existing package or helping you to find a new one . We will help you to adjust your practices without compromising the overall process or its delivery:

       productivity and efficiency
       reduced cycle time
       customer service.

driving the supply engine to meet the growing demands of service-oriented customers

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