Supply Chain Strategy

To be successful a business must do three things: exploit opportunities, manage risk, and control costs

We will tailor a programme based on proven techniques that will enable you to explore options and select solutions aligned to your business strategy and appropriate to your business needs. We can help you to develop a supply chain strategy driven by, and measured against, those needs - a strategy that will


Our services cover all elements of the Supply Chain:

      Information Systems

   ...not just from an internal perspective.

Increasingly, your success depends on your ability to read and respond to changes taking place in the market, on understanding the impact on customers and suppliers, and positioning your business appropriately. And on your ability to differentiate between core and non-core activities, recognising opportunities to use third parties.

We work with impartiality to challenge present thinking and provide new perspectives. ACUITY can help you to strengthen the total supply chain and your commercial position within the supply chain. We can help you to make best use of third parties, through outsourcing or strategic supplier management. We can show you how and where to rationalise your supply base; how to gain maximum leverage and support for your strategic business objectives.

When it comes to implementing the "ideal" strategy, many companies are constrained by available resources (either people or capital) or by the risk and disruption to the day-to-day business. ACUITY can help you to develop and implement a programme, revolutionary or evolutionary, depending on your circumstances and ability to cope with change.

Success can also depend on keeping one step ahead of the competition. We will respect and honour your need for confidentiality.

supply chain strategies for competitive advantage

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